Learn Spanish - Back to Basics

To learn Spanish, it is helpful to begin with a few building blocks. Select a topic.

If you are just starting to learn Spanish for the first time, begin with the vowels.

After reviewing the categories below, follow this link to learn Spanish grammar: Spanish Grammar.

And later, begin to practice Conversational Phrases.


1. Vowels, Alphabet, Fundamentals of Pronunciation

1a. Special Consonants

1b. More About Accent Marks

2. Numbers, Days of the Week, Months

2a. Colors in Spanish

2b. Foods in Spanish

2c. Clothing

3. Saying the time, discussing points in time

3a. Greetings

4. Measurements (weight, liquid, length)

5. How to roll the "r"

Spanish is more fun to learn when you can roll the "r"!

The next category adds an extra twist to learning Spanish.

6. Building Vocabulary

7. Ordinal Numbers in Spanish

8. Here and There

9. Family Tree

10. Orientation - Directions and Location

11. Survival Phrases

12. Slow down and please repeat!

13. Manners: Please, Thank You, You're Welcome

14. Manners: Excuse Me, I'm Sorry

15. Well...


Remember that as you learn Spanish, practice makes perfect. Practice what you are learning with family and friends whenever possible.



Now continue on to learn Spanish grammar.

Spanish Grammar and Exercises

Conversational Phrases