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Page 6: Building Vocabulary

Here's a fun way to learn vocabulary words in Spanish.

Find some words that look and sound similar and are easily confused in speech by beginning Spanish students.

Then, put them together in silly sentences to force yourself to say each word and think about the difference in sound, spelling, and meaning.

Here are some examples I thought of to get you started!


Words: caballo, cabello, caballero, cuero cabelludo

El caballero tocó su cuero cabelludo y encontró su cabello, mientras el caballo se reía.

(The gentleman touched his scalp and found his hair, while the horse laughed.)


Words: hambre, hombre, hombro

El hombre con hambre tumbó la puerta con su hombro.

(The hungry man knocked over the door with his shoulder.)


Words: pulga, pulgada, pulgar

La pulga en mi pulgar saltó una pulgada.

(The flea on my thumb jumped an inch.)


Words: cuchara, cucharada, cucharadita, cucharilla, cucaracha

Una cucharada de esa cuchara mide más que una cucharadita de esta cucharilla, dijo la cucaracha.

(A spoonful from that spoon measures more than a teaspoonful from this teaspoon, said the cockroach.)


Words: huevo, jueves

A mí me gusta la sopa de huevo los jueves.

(I like egg soup on Thursdays.)


Words: venado, envenenado; buscó, bosque

El venado no fue envenenado porque buscó el bosque al salir de la ciudad.

(The deer was not poisoned because he looked for the forest upon leaving the city.)



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