Medical Spanish DVD's

and other recommendations!

Medically oriented TV shows and movies in Spanish on DVD are almost mandatory for someone who is serious about learning medical Spanish.

The DVD's which I have specifically listed below are dubbed in Spanish and you can select Spanish audio on the language menu.

St. Elsewhere is worth getting "used" if that is the only option available.

Coma is dubbed in Spanish in the blu-ray addition (if you go to the picture of the back of the box, you will see this written in the fine print).

Replay the scenes that are most helpful and repeat aloud what they are saying.

I couldn't resist recommending a couple of children's books series that are phenomenal for learning Spanish. These are the "Quiero Ser" series and the "Mi Pequeña Enciclopedia" series. Quiero Ser Doctor will help you to communicate better with pediatric patients.