Spanish Grammar

Spanish grammar and exercises (gramática y ejercicios)

Please review Back to Basics if you are just beginning. Also note that the lessons below are not in a particular order, so just choose the topic that you wish to review.

1. Gender and Articles (el género y los artículos)

2. "To be" (ser y estar)

3. "To like" (gustar)

4. "A" Personal

5. Contractions and Changes

6. "Para" vs. "Por"

7. Verbs - Present Tense Regular

8. Negatives

9. Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives

10. "Hay" (there is, there are), "Hubo" (there was, there were)

11. Expressions of Obligation

12. "Preguntar" vs. "Pedir"

13. "Saber" vs. "Conocer"

14. Interrogative words - part one

15. Stem-changing verbs

16. Prepositions - part one

17. Prepositions - part two

18. Compound Prepositions

19. Reflexive Verbs, Reflexive Pronouns

20. Direct Object Pronouns

21. Indirect Object Pronouns

22. Interrogative words - part two


Although Spanish grammar rules can be memorized, truly mastering Spanish grammar requires thoughtfulness whenever you read and listen, asking yourself how each sentence is constructed and why.