Spanish Grammar - "Saber" vs. "Conocer"

Spanish grammar lesson 13: "saber" vs. "conocer"

Both verbs mean "to know." What is the difference?

Exercise: Read carefully, listen to, and repeat aloud the following examples.


- To know (a fact)

Sabemos que sufrió una torcedura. Fue un esguince en el tobillo.

(We know that he suffered a sprain. It was an ankle sprain.)

Sí, ella sabe que es cáncer.

(Yes, she knows that it is cancer.)

En realidad, yo no sabía que iba a requerir puntos.

(Actually, I didn't know that it was going to require stitches.)

- To know how to

Por supuesto que colocar un cabestrillo.

(Of course I know how to place a sling.)

Mi papá sabe sacar astillas.

(My father knows how to take out splinters.)

- To find out

Acabamos de saber el diagnóstico.

(We just found out the diagnosis.)




- To know (be aquainted with)

Yo conozco a esa señora.

(I know that lady.)

Conocemos ese centro médico. Estuvimos allí el año pasado.

(We know that medical center. We were there last year.)

- To meet (become aquainted with)

Conocí a ese endocrinólogo durante mi entrenamiento.

(I met that endocrinologist during my training.)



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