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Page 7: Ordinal Numbers in Spanish

Repeat after me some of the ordinal numbers in Spanish:

primero, segundo, tercero

(first, second, third)

cuarto, quinto, sexto

(fourth, fifth, sixth)

séptimo, octavo, noveno

(seventh, eighth, ninth)

décimo, undécimo, duodécimo

(tenth, eleventh, twelfth)

decimotercero, decimocuarto, decimoquinto

(thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth)

vigésimo, vigésimo primero, vigésimo segundo

(twentieth, twenty first, twenty second)

trigésimo, cuadragésimo

(thirtieth, fortieth)

quincuagésimo, sexagésimo

(fiftieth, sixtieth)

septuagésimo, octogésimo

(seventieth, eightieth)

nonagésimo, centésimo

(ninetieth, hundredth)


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