Back to Basics - Here and There

The following are helpful definitions to that should be learned right away.

aquí, acá

(These words mean "here" or "over here.")

allí, allá

(These words mean "there" or "over there." Allá can also indicate back in time.)


(This word means "there," when speaking about place or situation.)


Observe the following examples.

El jugo de naranja está aquí en la mesa.

(The orange juice is here on the table.)

La tienda que estamos buscando debe estar por aquí.

(The store that we are looking for must be this way.) Note: In this example,"por aquí" is literally "by here." It can also be translated as "over here."

Venga acá por favor.

(Come here please. or Come over here please.)

Coloca la silla más acá.

(Place the chair closer.) Note: In this example,"más acá" is literally "more here."

La mosca está allí arriba.

(The fly is up there.)

El perro corre de aquí para allá y de allá para acá.

(The dog runs back and forth.) Note: Literally, this says "...from here to there and from there to here."

Puedes ver el fuego allá lejos.

(You can see the fire there in the distance.)

El oso deambuló más allá del río.

(The bear wandered beyond the river.) Note: Literally, this says "...more there of the river." Remember that this translates as "beyond."

Póngalo ahí por favor.

(Put it there please.)

Hasta ahí entiendo lo que dice el maestro.

(Up to that point I understand what the teacher is saying.) Note: Literally, this says "Up to there..." or "Until there..."



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