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Medidas (Measurements)

Note: for discussion about temperature see video

Peso (Weight)

1. Una libra es un poco menos de medio kilogramo, como unos 450 gramos.

(A pound is a little less than half a kilogram, about 450 grams.)

2. Dos libras son aproximadamente 900 gramos, lo que todavía es un poco menos de un kilogramo.

(Two pounds are approximately 900 grams, which is still a bit less than a kilogram.)

3. Una libra tiene 16 onzas.

(A pound has 16 ounces.)

4. Un kilogramo es 2,2 libras.

(A kilogram is 2.2 pounds.) Note: Observe that a comma is used in Spanish instead of a decimal point.


Líquidos (Liquids)

5. Una onza es equivalente a unos 30 mililitros.

(One once is equivalent to about 30 mililiters.)

6. Un biberón de 8 onzas es equivalente a aproximademente 240 mililitros.

(A baby bottle of 8 ounces is equivalent to approximately 240 milliliters.)

Important Note: Although the Spanish word, "cucharadita," is often loosely used to mean "teaspoon," in quantity, this is not an exact translation. Therefore, it is always better to use milliliters to avoid errors.



Longitud (Length)

7. Una pulgada es un poco más de 2,5 centímetros.

(An inch is a bit more than 2.5 centimeters.)

8. Un pie mide 12 pulgadas, lo que es aproximademente 30 centímetros.

(A foot measures 12 inches, which is approximately 30 centimeters.)

9. Un metro es aproximadamente 3,3 pies.

(A meter is approximately 3.3 feet.)



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