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Spanish for Nurses: nurse (enfermera) - page 2

16. ¿Se siente mareado?

(Do you feel dizzy?) Note: Keep in mind that the translation, "you," can be replaced here with "he" or "she." This also holds for the rest of the following nursing questions below.

17. ¿Tiene ganas de vomitar?

(Do you feel like you are going to throw up?)

18. Siéntese aquí por favor.

(Sit down here please.)

19. Acuéstese en la camilla por favor.

(Lie down on the examination table please.)

20. Le voy a ayudar a ponerse esta bata de examen.

(I am going to help you put on this examination gown.)

21. Vengo a controlarle los signos vitales: la temperatura, la presión arterial, y el pulso.

(I am here to check your vital signs: the temperature, the blood pressure, and the pulse.)

22. ¿Siente dificultad para respirar?

(Do you feel difficulty breathing?)

23. El doctor viene pronto a evaluarle.

(The doctor will be here soon to evaluate you. Literally: "comes soon")

24. No debe tomar o comer nada hasta que el doctor lo indique.

(You must not eat or drink anything until the doctor says so.) Note: The word "nada" of course really means "nothing." Remember that double negatives are normal in Spanish.



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