Spanish for Nurses

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1a. Hola, soy Anabella, mucho gusto.

(Hello, I am Anabella, nice to meet you.) Note: Literally, "mucho gusto" means "much pleasure."

1. Por favor, pase a la sala número cuatro.

(Please, pass (go in) to room number four.)

2. ¿Qué le trae por aquí?

(What brings you/him here? (ie: to the office))

2a. ¿Cuál es el problema?

(What is the problem?)

2b. ¿Qué le pasa?

(What is going on with you/him/her?) Note: The verb "pasar," or "to happen," takes the place of the English idiomatic phrase, "going on."

2c. ¿Qué es lo que tiene?

(What is it that you/he/she has?) Note: In Spanish, asking a patient what he or she "has" is asking about symptoms/problems/illness, etc.

3. Párese en la balanza. Póngalo/la en la balanza.

(Stand on the scale. Put him/her on the scale.)

3a. Párese en el peso.

(Stand on the scale.) Note: This is a slightly colloquial way to say "scale," but is also recognized.

4. Quítese la ropa. Quítele la ropa.

(Take your clothes off. Take his/her clothes off. Literally: Take off from yourself the clothes. Take off from him/her the clothes.)

5. Voy a tomar la temperatura.

(I am going to take your/his/her termperature. Literally: I am going to take the temperature.)

6. Sosténgalo/la, por favor.

(Hold him/her please.)

7. Voy a tomar la presión sanguínea.

(I am going to take your/his/her blood pressure. Literally: I am going to take the blood pressure.)



8. ¿Tiene alguna alergia?

(Do you/he/she have any allergy?)

9. ¿Toma alguna medicina?

(Do you/he/she take any medicine?)

10. Necesito ponerle una inyección.

(I need to give you/him/her an injection.)

11. Voy a poner un catéter endovenoso.

(I am going to insert a venous catheter.)

12. Voy a sacar sangre.

(I am going to take some blood.)

13. Tiene que orinar en este vaso.

(You/he/she have/has to urinate in this cup.)

14. Voy a limpiar la herida.

(I am going to clean the wound.)

15. Póngase esto bajo la lengua, por favor.

(Put this under your tongue please.)


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