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Terminology - How to say "rash"

Doctora Azulita explains various ways in which the word "rash" is said in Spanish.

Hola, yo soy la doctora Azulita.
Today we will discuss how to say the word “rash” in Spanish.
The word “erupción” is sometimes used, especially when the rash is generalized, as in a viral exanthem.
Sometimes, people say, “granos,” when they are talking about pimples, or some papular lesions.
“Ronchas” are hives, as in urticaria.
“Sarpullido” might be used when referring to something like a diaper rash, contact dermatitis, or heat rash, for example.
Let’s pronounce these words again: erupción, granos, ronchas, sarpullido. 
Now lets say “the rash”: la erupción, los granos, las ronchas, el sarpullido.
To say “some hives,” one would say “unas ronchas.”
And, for example, to say “a rash,” a patient may say “una erupción,” or “un sarpullido.”
Esto es todo por hoy.  Hasta la próxima!