Medical Spanish Video
Physical Exam - Open your mouth and say aah

Doctora Azulita explains how to ask a patient to open the mouth and say aah.

Hola, yo soy la doctora Azulita.
I am here to provide another medical Spanish tutorial.
Suppose you are examining the mouth and throat.
To say, “open your mouth,” you would say “abra la boca.”
To say, “stick out your tongue and say aah,” you would say “saque la lengua y diga aah.”
To say, “open wider,” you would say, “abra la boca más grande.”
Now let’s say: “Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and say aah.”
“Abra la boca, saque la lengua, y diga aah.”
“Open it a little more, please.” 
“Ábrala un poco más grande, por favor.”
Children are a special group. Sometimes you will need to use phrases like: “¡Abre más grande!  Quiero contar los dientes de atrás!  Uno, dos, tres…,” which means “Open wider! I want to count the teeth in the back!  One, two, three…”
Or you may need to say, “Está bien, sostén la luz tú mismo.  Ahora, ¡abre la boca!” which means “Ok, hold the light yourself.  Now, open your mouth!”
You might even need to say, “¡la lengua hacia afuera, no hacia arriba!” which means “the tongue out, not up!”
Esto es todo por hoy.  ¡Hasta la próxima!