Medical Spanish Video
Physical Exam - Take a deep breath

Doctora Azulita explains how to ask a patient to take a deep breath.

Hola, yo soy la doctora Azulita.
I am here to provide another medical Spanish tutorial.
Suppose you’re doing the pulmonary examination.
To say, “breathe deeply,” you might say “respire profundamente,” or “respire profundo,” or “respire hondo.”
To say, “take a breath,” you might say “Agarre aire.”
To say, “Again, stronger,” you would say, “otra vez, más fuerte.”
To tell the patient to breathe out, you can say, “bote el aire.”
Now let’s say: “Breath in deeply and breath out completely.  Continue like that.”  “Respire profundo hacia adentro y bote el aire completamente hacia afuera.  Continúe así.”
With some patients, especially children, you might use more descriptive phrases, like, “más grande,” which means “bigger,” or “más duro,” which means “harder,” or “como un gigante,” which means “like a giant.”
You might say to a child, “¡Agarra aire como un ogro!” which means, “take a breath like an ogre.”
To tell the child to breathe out harder, you might say, “Otra vez, pero más duro, que dé miedo.”  That means, “again, harder, that it gives fear.”
Esto es todo por hoy.  Nos vemos pronto!