Radiology Instructions - Chest X-ray

Medical Spanish for healthcare providers: radiology instructions - chest x-ray

1. Por favor, quítese la ropa de la cintura hacia arriba.

(Please, take off your clothes from the waist up.)

2. Quítese los objetos de metal, como cadenas o broches metálicos.

(Take off any metal objects, such as chains or metal snaps.)

3. Colóquese esta bata, con la abertura hacia adelante.

(Put on this gown, with the opening toward the front.)

4. Avíseme cuando esté listo/a.

(Let me know when you are ready.) Note: "Listo" is for a male, and "lista" is for a female.

5. Párese aquí viendo hacia esta pantalla.

(Stand up here facing this screen.)

6. Coloque los brazos a los lados y con las manos en las caderas para evitar que las escápulas aparezcan dentro de la radiografía.

(Put your arms at your sides and with your hands on your hips to avoid having your shoulder blades appear on the xray.) Note: Remember that we are translating "the" to "your" in order to use the possesive adjectives when communicating in English.

7. Cuando cuente hasta tres, respire profundo y mantenga el aire dentro de los pulmones, hasta que yo le avise.

(When I count to three, take a deep breath and hold it until I tell you. Literally: "...breathe deep and maintain the air inside of the lungs, until I tell you.")

8. Vamos a empezar. Respire y mantenga el aire.

(We are going to begin. Breathe and hold your breath.) Note: Literally, it says, "breathe and maintain the air."

9. Bien. No Respire. Uno, dos, tres.

(Good. Don't breathe. One, two, three.)

10. Ya puede respirar.

(Now you can breathe.)

11. Ahora vamos a hacerle la placa de tórax lateral.

(Now we are going to take a lateral xray of your chest.) Note: Literally, it says, "plate," so, observe that there are three words for "xray," and these are "radiografía," "rayos X," and "placa."



12. Muy bien, siguiendo un procedimiento similar, ahora, coloque las manos sobre la cabeza.

(Very good, following a similar procedure, now, place your hands over your head.)

13. Acérquese a esa pantalla, y apoye la región lateral derecha del tórax sobre ella.

(Put yourself near that screen, and rest the right side of your chest over it.)

14. Va a mantener el aire dentro de los pulmones hasta que yo le diga.

(You are going to hold your breath until I tell you.) Note: Literally, it says, "maintain the air inside of the lungs."

15. Tome aire profundamente y manténgalo. Uno, dos, tres.

(Take a deep breath and hold it. One, two, three.) Note: Literally, it says, "Take air deeply and maintain it."

16. Respire, y ya puede vestirse.

(Breathe, and now you can dress yourself.)


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