Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Medical Spanish for paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMT)

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1. Hola, me llamo Tomás, soy paramédico.

(Hi, my name is Thomas, I am a paramedic.)

2. ¿Cómo se llama?

(What is your/his/her name?)

3. No se mueva, por favor.

(Don't move, please.)

4. Apriete mi mano.

(Squeeze my hand.)

5. ¿Puede oírme?

(Can you hear me?)

6. ¿Qué le duele?

(Where does it hurt?) Note: Literally, it says, "What hurts you?"

7. ¿Cuántas personas había dentro del edificio?

(How many people were there inside the building?)

8. Voy a sostenerle la cabeza para estabilizarle el cuello.

(I am going to hold your/his/her head to stabilize your/his/her neck.) Note: Literally, it says, "hold you/him/her the head." In Spanish, the indirect object, "le" is used frequently, instead of using the possesive "your/his/her," as is done in English.

9. ¿Tenía el cinturón de seguridad puesto?

(Did you/he/she have the seat belt on?)

10. ¿Se quedó dormido mientras conducía?

(Did you/he/she fall asleep while you were / he/she was driving?)

11. Cálmense todos, por favor.

(Everyone calm down, please.)

12. ¿Désde que altura se cayó?

(From what height did you/he/she fall?)

13. ¿Perdió la conciencia en algún momento?

(Did you/he/she loose consciousness at any point?)



14. ¿Cuánto tiempo estuvo inconsciente?

(How much time were you / was he/she unconscious?)

15. ¿Cuánto tiempo ha estado inconsciente?

(How much time has he/she been unconscious?)

16. Dígame despacio, ¿que pasó exactamente?

(Tell me, slowly, what happened exactly?)

17. ¿Se golpeó la cabeza mientras buceaba?

(Did he/she hit his/her head while he/she was diving?) Note: Literally, it says, "hit oneself the head." In Spanish, the reflexive object, "se" is used frequently, instead of using the possesive "your/his/her," as is done in English.

18. ¿Perdió la conciencia repentinamente?

(Did you/she/he suddenly lose consciousness?)

19. Voy a ponerle esta mascarilla en la cara para darle oxígeno.

(I am going to put this mask on your/his/her face to give you/him/her oxigen.)

20. ¿Cuántas veces le apuñalaron?

(How many times did they stab you/him/her?)

21. No saque el cuchillo. Vamos a dejarlo allí hasta que el cirujano le examine.

(Don't pull out the knife. We are going to leave it there until the surgeon examines you/him/her.)


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